To say that Japan is a place of contrasts - this means nothing, nothing more a cliché.  Shallow commentary, even for a one-time visitor like me.  But applied to travel, "a place of contrasts" should serve as polite euphemism for a grandiose WTF?!!
There's no point, no value in making any sense of it.  Well, okay maybe there is value there, but I find it a lot more entertaining to just throw these disparate pieces together and see WTF comes out of it.  A classy little cafe, the owner proud as can be to pull out an original pressed thick vinyl disk.  Bing.  Mexicali Rose.  Crank up the springs on the talking phonograph, and marvel at the technology.
Downtown a train hop away, Japanese kids are releasing hormones and burning energy in game bazaars (does anyone say 'arcade' anymore?)  Full body kinetic games, pixelated codes of command, astonishing physical dexterity on display, learned via trance.  Human Tetris.
Any trace of craft or art?  Technological dream state.  Rosa de Mexicali, adios...
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