One of a series of 17 short documentaries I created for the Prince Rupert Community Arts Council, exploring how the Arts have adapted and persevered through the pandemic. In this one, an intrepid group of improv actors keep practicing their art despite not being able to meet in person.

"Improv theatre requires performers to be able to respond to and interact with each other. How does this work in a Zoom meeting when your computer freezes or the audio cuts out? It turns improv into a different beast completely! This is the story of a group of actors who didn't let the pandemic stop them and ended up having to improvise improv"

Featuring Treena Decker, Krista Ediger, Tristan Higginson, and Rebecca Battilana, of theĀ Harbour Theatre Improv Group

Original soundtrack created by Sera Stevens.

View the entire series on Vimeo here.
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